Blue Campaign

Human trafficking is a hidden crime that violates the freedom and well-being of hundreds of men, women and children each year. In response, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) launched the “Blue Campaign” in 2010, which has become a global anti-human trafficking initiative. Widespread awareness for this Campaign depends on DHS building strong partnerships with other federal agencies, law enforcement, first responders, the private sector, and others.


Knowing what to look for and having access to victims in captivity are supportive reasons for EMS to partner in this important Campaign for human care. EMS practitioners are already trained in the measures of diffusing threatening situations, and have a daily opportunity to observe suspicious environments while responding to emergency calls.


The symbolism of the Campaign’s Blue Heart and Blue Blindfold seeks to raise awareness to the unified efforts of qualified responders – like EMS -- to seek out human traffickers and support their victims. DHS is one of the lead federal law enforcement agencies responsible for investigating and preventing human trafficking. Many other federal agencies also work to combat human trafficking every day.


Campaign partners bring together diverse experiences, broadening awareness messages, and maximizing resources. They help ensure that people understand the crime, recognize its indicators, and know how to seek help and report tips. In 2012 alone, human trafficking tips led to investigations into 894 cases, 381 convictions, and seized assets of more than $1 million.


Resource materials are available and for more information, visit the Blue Campaign website. NAEMT will provide information on this Campaign through our Facebook page, so Like Us! to stay connected to this important effort.