EMS Workforce Resources

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CategoryTitleDescriptionDate Published
Rural EMSRural and Frontier Emergency Medical Services: Agenda for the Futurepresentation by Kevin McGinnis, from the Rural EMS Conference, Cheyenne, WY 5/01/2015
Rural EMSRural Ambulance Service Sustainabilitypresentation by Aarron Reinert & John Becknell, from the Rural EMS Conference, Cheyenne, WY 5/01/2015
Rural EMSRural/Frontier EMS Agenda for the Future: Ten Years Laterpresentation by Kevin McGinnis, from the Rural EMS Conference, Cheyenne, WY5/01/2015
Pay / BenefitsFront-Line Heroes Subject to Budget Cuts, Pay DisparityDiscusses impact of budget cuts and lack of dedicated funding on EMS systems.6/10/2013
EMS DataNational Emergency Medical Services Workforce Data DefinitionsNHTSA's tool to improve the quality and consistency of EMS workforce data nationally and to facilitate data-driven EMS workforce planning and research.4/29/2013
EMS DataAmbulance Response TimesMatt Zavadsky presentation on ambulance response times11/28/2012
LegalDocumenting Patient RefusalsExplains why documenting patient refusals can protect you and your service10/10/2012
LegalTransport Destination Decisions Aren't Always Clear CutWhen their are multiple potential destinations for transport always consider Patient's Choice, Protocols, Emergency Department Status and Geography.10/10/2012
EMS CareersEMT Career CenterWeblink for EMT Career Center6/13/2012
Recruitment & RetentionIntro to Recruitment & RetentionThis text is designed to aid volunteer rescue squads with their recruitment of new members and the retention of your existing members. 4/06/2012
Recruitment & RetentionEmergency Medical Services (EMS) Recruitment and Retention ManualStudy polled Rural EMS about personnel issues including, retention, recruitment, community acknowledgement & inadequate medical direction1/05/2012
Policy DevelopmentAllied Health Workforce and Services IOM Dec2011examines the current allied health care workforce and considers how that workforce can contribute to improving health care access, quality, and effectiveness1/05/2012
Policy DevelopmentEMS Workforce Agendaprovides a vision for the future and to suggest strategies to help ensure a robust and capable EMS workforce in the 21st century 1/05/2012
Policy DevelopmentEMS Workforce AssessmentThe intent of this assessment is to provide guidance to the national EMS community in ensuring a viable EMS workforce for the future. 1/05/2012
EMS CareersAbstract- Change in F/T EMS Provider Career Satisfaction in Their 1st 3 Yrs of EmploymentThis study endeavors to describe the change in full-time EMS provider career satisfaction in their first three years of certification.1/05/2012
Pay / BenefitsCompensation, Benefits and SatisfactionTo determine the compensation, benefit package, and level of satisfaction with the benefits of NREMTs in 2001. 1/05/2012
Recruitment & RetentionIssues in Staffing EMS-Nat’l Survey of Rural and Urban EMS Directorsexplores rural-urban differences in medical oversight and recruitment & retention of EMTs & paramedics as reported by a survey of local EMS directors1/05/2012
VeteransTransition Assistance ProgramDepartment of Defense's official website providing information for servicemembers on transitioning from military service.11/30/2011
EMS CareersState EMS OfficesGeneral Information: State EMS Offices6/25/2010
Recruitment & RetentionDealing with Workplace BullyingWorkplace Issues: Article on how to deal with bullies in the workplace9/25/2008
Policy DevelopmentEMS ProfessionalismEncourages all EMS practitioners to behave professionally on and off duty.6/09/2006