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Ask Your Representative in Congress to Join the EMS Caucus

Oct 02, 2008

Its easier than every to ask your representative in Congress to support the EMS Caucus.
We have made it easier than ever for you to contact your representative in the House of Representatives and ask them to join the EMS Caucus! You can now go to the NAEMT website under the "Contact Congress" section and with the click of a button send in a letter asking your Representative to join the EMS Caucus. Please remember there is some text you will have to edit or fill in – including your name, your role in EMS in your community and any other comments you may have when asking them to join the Caucus. Simply scroll down to the featured alert and click on the “Take Action” button. It’s that easy. Please write your members and ask them to join the EMS Caucus today!! Click here to connect now.