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Webcast Recording Available: Ambulance Crashes: Is Your Safety Program Doing Enough to Prevent Them

Sep 04, 2012

Ambulance crashes account for 74% of the fatalities in EMS. The injury rate in these crashes is seven times the national average, making ambulances a very dangerous environment to work in. In a case study of two very serious ambulance crashes, you will be able to recognize the events that led to these crashes. A case study will also focus on how an EMS service recovered from a fatal crash by adding Road Safety to its fleet. But in order to fully benefit from this technology, a high performing safety program must be deployed. In this presentation you will learn what key aspects of a driver safety program must be in place to successfully reduce your crash rate. You will learn how to do a self audit of your driver safety program, developing a program, key metrics to measure, training, culture shifts, crash investigation and staff rewards/recognition. Click here to view the webcast recording.