Our Affiliates

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Chaired by Terry David, our Affiliate Advisory Council is comprised of the following EMS associations and organizations which are formally affiliated with NAEMT to further the purpose and objectives of NAEMT and address the key issues impacting prehospital practitioners:

Affiliated Associations Representative
Alabama EMS Association
Scott Karr, President

Arkansas EMT Association Ronald Russell, President
Dwayne Aalseth
Association of Emergency Medical Technicians India  George Abraham, President 
Association of Texas EMS Professionals
Matthew Whitt, President
Brandon Means
Delaware State
Emergency Medical Services Association
Jennifer Knox, President
W. Mike McMichael, III
EMS Association of Colorado Scott Sholes, President
The Florida Ambulance Association  Alan Skavronek, President
Jim Judge
Florida EMS Association
Todd Soard, President
Georgia Association of EMS, Inc. Courtney Terwilliger, Chairman
Kim Littleton
Illinois EMT Association
Richard W. Reiners, President
Indiana EMS Association
Faril Ward, President
Chris Jones
Iowa EMS Association Mark McCulloch, President
Jerry Ewers
Japanese Paramedics Association Giko Suzuki, President
Yuji Sawaki
Kansas EMS Association (KEMSA)
Terry David, President
Chris D. Johnston
Kansas EMT Association (KEMTA)
Jason Bolt, President
Clay Cox
Louisiana Association of
Nationally Registered EMTs
Evon Smith, President
Susan Bailey
Maryland EMS Program Ted  W. Snyder, President
Michigan EMS Practitioners Association  Tony Sorensen
Minnesota Ambulance Association Kevin Miller, President
Debbie Gillquist
Mississippi EMT Association Timothy L. Wade, President
Bubba Bell
Missouri EMS Association Rich Dandridge, President
Nathan Williams
National Collegiate EMS Foundation George J. Koenig, Jr., President
National EMS Management Association Michael Touchstone, President
Steve Cotter
Nebraska EMS Association Deb VonSeggern, President
Bruce Beins
New Hampshire Association of EMTs Tony Maggio
New Mexico EMT Association Pete Bellows, President
Joseph Boyle
New York State EMS Association John Mendez, President
Mary Lou Coriasco
New York State Volunteer
Ambulance & Rescue Association, Inc.

Michael Mastrianni, Jr, President
Henry A. Ehrhardt
North Dakota EMS Association Jim Restemayer, President
Ohio Association of EMS
Karen Beavers, President
Ohio EMS Chiefs Association
Jeffery Jackson, President
Oklahoma EMT Association Randy Williams, President
JenaLu Simpson
Oregon EMS Association Gary McLean, President
PA Emergency Health Services Council David Jones, President
Janette Swade
Paramedic Association of Canada  Chris Hood, President 
Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin
Patrick Ryan, President
Joe Covelli
Professional Emergency Responders Society of Illinois 
Vicki Gallaher, President
Mark Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy
SAVVIK Buying Group
Aarron Reinert, President
Mickey Schulte
South Carolina EMS Association  Jeffrey Carroll, President
Doug Warren 
South Dakota EMS Association  Eric Van Dusen, President 
Ruth Airheart
Tennessee Ambulance Service Association Andrew Reed, President
John Fitzsimmons
Utah Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
Larry Johansen, President
Vermont Ambulance Association Jim Finger, President
William Hathaway
Virginia Association of EMS Practitioners, Inc.
Anthony Harbour, Chairperson
Daniel Linkins
Wisconsin EMS Association
Joshua Kowalke, President
Mindy Allen
Wyoming Association of EMS Advocates
Mark Meyer, President