Our Staff

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The NAEMT staff assists the Board of Directors in carrying out the work of the association by managing the organization’s operations in accordance with the policies established by the Board. NAEMT maintains a Headquarters Office at which their work is carried out.  For information on each staff person, please click on their name. 

 Pamela Lane

 Executive Director

 Corine Curd
 Education Services

 Lisa Lindsay

 Asst. Executive Director

 Jessica Kreps 

 Keshia Robinson

 Asst. Business Manager
 Sylvia McGowan

 Education Services 
 Tammie Patterson 

 Tammie W. Patterson

 Membership Coordinator
 Kathleen Taormina
Melissa Trumbull
 Melissa M. Trumbull
 Industry Relations

Jody Phillips
Education Services Representative