Health & Safety Resources

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Model Policies and Procedures for Emergency Vehicle SafetyGuidance for developing the basic policies and procedures required to support the safe and effective operation of all fire and emergency vehiclesAmbulance Safety
Review of Ambulance DesignReview of the layout of the patient compartment in a UK ambulance for paramedic efficiency and safetyAmbulance Safety
EMS Ambulance SafetyOutlines general principles and requirements for ambulance safetyAmbulance Safety
FEMA Alive on ArrivalA brochure with tips on safe emergency vehicle operationsAmbulance Safety
Ambulance Safety Design StandardsNational organizations and federal departments are partnering to develop design guidance for safer ambulance patient compartments.Ambulance Safety
MONOC's Siren Public Service AnnouncementMONOC's Siren Public Service AnnouncementAmbulance Safety
Stryker 6500 Preventative Maintenance ChecklistPreventative Maintenance schedule for the Power-Pro XT ambulanceAmbulance Safety
Effects of Warning LampsInterim report of work on Non-Blinding Emergency Vehicle Lighting (NBEVL) Ambulance Safety
Thomco Slides Brain InjuryA presentation on Thomco & Zurich’s EMS “Safety Net” Seminar Ambulance Safety
Ferno maintenance information sheetPreventative Maintenance For Your Patient Transport EquipmentAmbulance Safety
USFA - Traffic Incident Management SystemsConsistently high annual % of fatalities related to FD response and roadway scene ops prompted the USFA to look at several aspects related to these collisions in an effort to improve responder safetyAmbulance Safety
Ambulance Safety Efforts Gaining GroundA look at the how the industry is planning to make ambulances safer for EMS providers and their patients.Ambulance Safety
AEV briefing on current status of ambulance standards projects NASEMSO summary of the current status of all three ambulance design standardsAmbulance Safety
Ambulance Patient Compartment Human Factors Design Guidebook This Ambulance Patient Compartment Human Factors Design Guidebook (the Guidebook) has been developed as a best practices guide to help augment that safer work and patient care environment.Ambulance Safety
A Research Study of Ambulance Operations and Best Practice Considerations for Emergency Medical Services PersonnelThis study addresses operational procedures and practices while operating an ambulance.Ambulance Safety
IAFC Sleep Deprivation ReportDescribes effects of Sleep Deprivation on Fire Fighters and EMS RespondersHealth & Fitness
Extreme Heat Conditions: Heat Stress OverviewNIOSH information on extreme heat exposure and preventionHealth & Fitness
Cognitive skills improve resiliencyArticle on using cognitive skills to improve resiliency.Health & Fitness
Extreme Heat Conditions: Self Help MeasuresPractitioner Health and Safety: CDC tips on recognizing and responding to warning signs of heat-related illnessHealth & Fitness
DoD Mental Health Self-Assessment (MHSA) ProgramMilitary-This assessment provides free, anonymous mental health and alcohol self-assessments for family members and service personnel in all branches including the National Guard and Reserve.Health & Fitness
Extreme Heat Conditions: Protecting Yourself from Heat StressPractitioner Health and Safety: NIOSH resources on protection, symptoms and protection of heat stressHealth & Fitness
Safe Stretcher OperationsFirst in a series of articles written by members of NAEMT's EMS Safety Course Committee. This article focuses on an obsticle course used by an EMS service during safety training.Health & Fitness
Chaplaincy in EMSThis article touches on the importance of having a Chaplain available to EMS professionals.Health & Fitness
Increase Your Physical ResiliencyThis is the second in a series of four articles to help you in your life and on the job.Health & Fitness
Sleep and Relaxation - Increase Your ResiliencyThis is the third in a series of four articles to help you in your life and on the job. Health & Fitness