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Oct 30 Webinar
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Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1 pm Central Time
Attendees receive 1 hour of CAPCE-approved credit.
Part 3 in the series EMS Finance: Follow the Money
Hosted by NAEMT and AIMHI. Sponsored by ZOLL.

The third webinar in our EMS Finance series will walk participants through a 9-1-1 call from start (call comes in) to finish (dollars collected), explaining how each step of the process impacts the agency’s ability to get paid for the call:

Where it begins – the incoming 9-1-1 call

Call taking processes, dispatch and condition codes, ALS/BLS unit selection, etc.

Documentation Delirium

How to document assessments and treatments that will help prove medical necessity (or at least not clearly eliminate it!)

ePCR closed call rules, etc. Examples of “the good, the bad and the ugly” documentation

Billing Baubles

 A walk through of a typical billing process

Why accurate patient demographics are important

Denials & appeals

Patient payments

Webinar Hosts

Bruce Evans, Fire Chief of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District (Colorado)

Chip Decker, CEO, Richmond Ambulance Authority (Virginia)

Matt Zavadsky, CSIO of MedStar Mobile Healthcare (Texas)



World Trauma Symposium

Jackson Lessig, a Fort Lewis College student, fell 80-feet onto a riverbank while climbing without a rope near Durango, Colorado. Hear Captain Andy Miller of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, Jackson, and his father, Rob Lessig, recount the details of the accident, the efforts of search and rescue teams to haul Jackson who was critically injured up a 50-degree embankment, and Jackson's miraculous recovery. Learn more | Register



CMS Ground Ambulance Data Collection System Proposed Rule

CMS Ambulance Open Door Forum Presentation


Rescue D

Developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this 4-hour online simulation-based course offers a virtual post-disaster world where you can practice your response skills for people with disabilities to ensure you are prepared to treat all populations when disaster strikes. Includes 20 unique training and rescue mission modules that challenge first responders to observe, assess, respond and verify success based on the character’s functional and/or access needs. Participants receive 4 hours of CAPCE credit.
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EMS World Expo

NAEMT Members can save BIG on EMS World Expo in New Orleans! NAEMT members who register early for EMS World Expo (Oct. 14-18) can save up to $265 on the 3-day core program when combining the $125 NAEMT member discount with early registration pricing! Make the most of your time by attending NAEMT CE credit-approved preconference workshops: 

  • Oct 14: Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) 3rd Edition Instructor Update. Learn more
  • Oct. 14-15: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). Learn more
  • Oct. 14-15: Critical Care Test Prep. Learn more
  • Oct 15: Geriatric Education for EMS (GEMS). Learn more