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NAEMT-Hilton Partnership

NAEMT partnered with Hilton and American Express to provide hotel rooms to frontline medical professionals in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of NAEMT will be able to take advantage of this partnership with Hilton and have a safe place to stay as you support those impacted by COVID-19. (Eligible associates are individuals with a valid NAEMT ID number.)

Through the fall, rooms can be booked by our members at a discount by using the special link provided and logging in through the Member Portal of the NAEMT website.  As a reminder, the offer can be used for both professional and leisure travel at thousands of our Hilton hotels around the world. Guests must be able to present a valid medical ID at check-in. To book and review further details, please visit the dedicated NAEMT booking portal 

Please note that, like you, Hilton’s hotel workers are adjusting to rapidly changing and often difficult situations, so some amenities may be limited in nature. For example, many hotels have had to reduce or close their restaurant services. Even with these changes, grab-and-go food options should be available at most locations.

The hotels will be staffed by team members who have received extra training on health and safety measures to protect their guests and themselves. Lobbies and common areas will also be regularly cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products. Daily housekeeping will not be performed in rooms during your stay, in order to protect not only you, but also Hilton’s other guests and its Team Members. You can read more about this partnership here.

NAEMT sends our deepest gratitude to all of you bravely caring for patients during this unprecedented public health crisis. We admire you and want to support you any way we can. We hope this partnership with Hilton and American Express provides some peace of mind, and the chance to recharge as you continue on your mission.

How To Book A Room | Association Discount FAQ

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