Advancing the EMS profession
What is EMS 3.0?

EMS 3.0 is an EMS industry initiative to help EMS agencies and practitioners understand the changes that are needed in EMS to fully support the transformation of our nation’s healthcare system, and to provide tools and resources to help them implemented these changes.

  • America’s healthcare system is broken and needs fixing. The best way we can fix our healthcare system is by changing the way care is delivered and coordinated across the spectrum of healthcare providers and facilities. EMS must be a part of the solution.

  • Today, EMS operates in communities across the country as a trusted and expected medical provider. EMS providers administer care in homes and throughout the community, delivering rapid and reliable medical assessment, care and transportation.

  • Many of the patients to whom EMS provides care are not in need of emergent medical interventions, but rather have medical needs that can be better addressed through actions other than transporting these patients to an emergency department. Some examples of these actions can include care coordination, community resource acquisition, and facilitation of transportation to appropriate healthcare facilities.

  • EMS is transforming to fill needs in the healthcare system that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while also providing additional value to the healthcare system. EMS has demonstrated that we can assess, treat, and navigate patients to the most appropriate and convenient location for their medical needs. This may mean that patients receive their treatment in locations other than a hospital emergency department, including in their own home.

  • Transformed EMS agencies have proven significant savings in healthcare costs, while also improving the quality of care. 

EMS Transformation Summit
EMS Transformation Summit
Held in Arlington, VA, this one-day event will bring experts who have led efforts to pass EMS legislation and regulation in their states to discuss how they overcame obstacles.
EMS 3.0 - Explaining Value to Payers
EMS 3.0: Explaining the Value to Payers. This document has been created to provide talking points for EMS agencies to explain to payers the value of EMS 3.0 services.

Infographic for EMS stakeholders is intended for payers and other EMS stakeholders to help them learn how EMS can help transform our nation's healthcare system.