Getting Involved

If you'd like to get involved with Mobile Integrated Healthcare or Community Paramedicine, there are lots of resources out there–whether you're just starting out or looking for ideas on how to continue to develop the program you already have.

Here are tips for getting the information you need to make your program a success.

1. Attend a Mobile Integrated Healthcare or Community Paramedicine event. 
There are several upcoming events to help EMS better understand MIH and CP. Visit Mobile Integrated Healthcare Summit or the International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine for information.

2. Seek advice.
Reach out to those with established programs going. Many of those leading the way in Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine are enthusiastic about their programs and welcome questions. Listed below are some leaders in EMS who are willing to share their experiences, including what's worked for them and lessons learned along the way. 

3. Visit a Mobile Integrated Healthcare or a Community Paramedicine program. 
Many EMS agencies with MIH or CP programs welcome visitors who want to see firsthand how these programs work. Ask if you can spend a day observing what they're doing. Here's a list of some of the programs up and running you might want to contact. Or here's a site visit request form for MedStar in Ft. Worth. Medstar also offers a Mobile Healthcare Practitioner Course. Eagle County Paramedic Services in Colorado also welcomes site visits

4. Do your research. 
MIH-CP Resources contains white papers, studies and other documents available that can provide you with background information and ideas.  To see MIH-CP in action, check out NAEMT's video,Transforming EMS:MIH-CP. The North Central EMS Institute and the Eagle County Health Services District worked together to create a Community Paramedicine Program Handbook that's available for download.

5. Remember: You can do it!
You're EMS. You make things happen every day. You can do this too!

MIH-CP Experts:

Jeffrey Hammerstein, Chief of Community Outreach
Wake County EMS
Raleigh, NC

Chris Montera, Chief of Clinical Serviecs/Assistant CEO
Eagle County Paramedic Services
Edwards, CO

Shawn Rayne, Deputy Director
Ada County Paramedics
Boise, ID

Norman Seals, Assistant Chief, EMS Bureau
Dallas Fire-Rescue Department
Dallas, TX

Dr. Gary Smith, Administrative Medical Director
Mesa Fire and Medical Department
Mesa, AZ

Becky Sproul, Outreach and Critical Care Paramedic, Telemedicine Coordinator
Pagosa Springs Medical Center
Pagosa Springs, CO

Brenda Staffan, Project Director
REMSA (Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority)
Reno, Nev.
775-858-5700 ext. 6561

Dan Swayze, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA

Gary Wingrove, Director of Strategic Affairs
Gold Cross/Mayo Clinic Medical Transport
Rochester, MN

Matt Zavadsky, Director of Public Affairs
MedStar Mobile Healthcare
Ft. Worth, Texas