Affiliation with NAEMT

NAEMT recognizes the importance of working collaboratively with other EMS associations to strengthen the EMS profession. We offer like-mission EMS associations the opportunity to become affiliated with NAEMT and obtain valuable benefits for your association and its members.

What is affiliation?

It’s a formal relationship between NAEMT and an EMS association that helps further the shared purpose and objectives of both NAEMT and the affiliate to address key issues that impact EMS practitioners.

What value is obtained through affiliation?

  • Representation on NAEMT’s Affiliate Advisory Council, which advises the NAEMT Board of Directors on issues and concerns within EMS at the state and local levels;
  • 25% discount on NAEMT membership for your members, which includes all the individual membership benefits;
  • Ability to offer combined membership to grow your membership and reap monetary rewards from NAEMT;
  • Information sharing on the major activities being undertaken (by NAEMT and the affiliate) and on issues of concern being considered and/or addressed by the EMS community;
  • Regular updates on pending federal legislation impacting EMS practitioners and NAEMT’s position on such legislation, as well as updates from affiliates on state and local legislation impacting EMS practitioners;
  • A listing as an affiliate of NAEMT in NAEMT publications and on its web site;
  • A link from the NAEMT web site to your organization’s web site.
Why affiliate?

Affiliation provides your organization the opportunity to network with other EMS organizations on issues that affect your state or local practitioners. It allows for EMS organizations in conjunction with NAEMT to collectively move the EMS agenda forward at a national level on issues that affect our nation’s practitioners.
For a listing of NAEMT's criteria for affiliation, click here. If you do not see your local association on our affiliates listing, it means your association is not affiliated with NAEMT. To become an affiliated organization of NAEMT or for additional information, contact NAEMT Headquarters at 1-800-34-NAEMT or

Incentive Program

Affiliated associations earn rewards for recruiting new members!

  • $250 for 25 members
  • $500 for 50 members
  • $750 for 75 members
  • $1,000 for 100 members