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Listed below are the questions we most frequently receive about NAEMT and the answers to these questions.  If you have a question, but cannot find the answer below, please contact us at 1-800-34-NAEMT or


  • How long has NAEMT been around?

  • Why should I join NAEMT?

  • How do I join?

  • Why is NAEMT’s membership so diverse?

  • How much does membership cost? What do I get?

  • Can an Agency join NAEMT?

  • Are special membership rates available for members of the military?

  • Can EMT students get a discounted membership?

  • I’m a volunteer. Isn’t NAEMT only for paid EMS workers?

  • What benefits do I receive as an NAEMT member?

  • What does NAEMT do?

  • Why advocate for the EMS profession?

  • What educational programs does NAEMT offer?

  • How are NAEMT Education programs different?

  • How can I become an instructor for NAEMT educational programs?

  • How does NAEMT differ from NREMT?

  • Does NAEMT present awards to its members?

  • How do I nominate someone for a National EMS Award of Excellence?