EPC Courses

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The following EPC courses are offered to address the needs of providers and instructors:


Provider Course: 16 hour course for emergency medical responders, EMTs, Paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and physicians.  This course is offered at Basic or Combined levels.  The provider course may be offered in one of two formats:  the traditional onsite face-to-face format with lectures and skill stations; or a hybrid format, where a portion of the course is taken online in an interactive, web-based format, followed by a one day face-to-face for skill station instructions and evaluations.


Instructor Transition course:  4 hour course for accredited instructors from other pediatric programs to become recognized as an EPC instructor.  Instructor Transition course includes orientation of EPC philosophy and materials.  The Instructor Transition course is available one of two formats:  the traditional onsite face-to-face format, or by webinar.  Proof of current instructor status of a pediatric course is required.