EMS Health & Safety

The programs and projects carried out by NAEMT in support of EMS Health and Safety are founded in our core values:

  • Our patients are entitled to high quality and safe medical care delivered by qualified EMS practitioners.
  • All EMS practitioners are entitled to a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.

NAEMT’s Health and Safety initiatives are led by our Health and Safety Committee. The committee identifies health and safety issues that impact the EMS workforce and the resources to assist EMS practitioners to enhance their workplace health and safety. If there is an EMS health and safety issue that you would like the committee to address, please send your request to info@naemt.org.

NAEMT’s current health and safety initiatives include the EMS Safety course, the EMS event reporting tool (EVENT), the development of recommended EMS fitness guidelines, and participation on the national EMS Culture of Safety Strategy steering committee.

NAEMT has taken positions on the following issues that impact the health and safety of EMS practitioners and the environment in which we perform our duties. Please read our statements below:

EMS Practitioner Safety

EMS Patient Safety

Ambulance Safety

Air Medical Transport Safety

Use of Safety Restraints in EMS

Operational Safety and Domestic Preparedness and Planning

Just Culture in EMS