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ET3 Webinar

The announcement of the new ET3 payment model by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) represents a significant opportunity for ambulance service transformation.  

CMMI has communicated a very ambitious time line for the application and implementation of this new payment model, so agencies interested in applying for participation in the model have a relatively short window of time to consider the impact of implementing an ET3 payment model in  their community.

Join leaders from NAEMT, NAEMSP and IAFC for an informational webinar on the clinical, operational and financial considerations that agencies should be evaluating NOW if they are considering  submitting an application to participate in the ET3 model.

We encourage anyone considering applying for this new opportunity to participate in this introductory webinar, which will be part of an ongoing series of educational offerings of webinars, message boards and other resources to help with ET3 program application and implementation.

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