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Health Workforce Webinar: Revising the Standard Occupational Classification

Oct 02, 2013

An upcoming webinar by the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis will provide information about the upcoming Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) revision process with a special emphasis on health occupations. Data collected by federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or the Census Collection, use the SOC when collecting and classifying data by occupation. Thus, collection of federal data about workers in different occupations – such as employment levels and trends, pay and benefits, work settings, demographic characteristics, and many other characteristics – is dependent on being included and defined in the SOC. The upcoming revision of the SOC will be the first since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, which has and will continue to dramatically affect health workforce occupations. The webinar is intended to provide background information on the upcoming revision process. It will be of particular interest to audiences interested in recommending revisions.

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 15, 2013; 2:00-3:00PM Eastern
Dial-in Number: 800-857-1222; passcode: 7298874