Advancing the EMS profession

Sample State EMS Legislation

Below is a selection of enacted state legislation designed to support and strengthen EMS at the state level. To view state legislation that is pending, visit NAEMT's Online Legislative Service.


TIP and TADWest Virginia Senate Bill 533EMS may triage and transport a patient to an alternate destination in certain circumstances; and provide insurance coverage of EMS include triage, treat and transport to an alternative destination, or to treat in place.
TIP and TADNew York SB 8447Relation to Medicaid Reimbursement for Treatment in Place and Transportation to Alternative Health Care Settings By Ambulance Services
MIH-CPNew York S6749B / A6683BEstablishes a community-based paramedicine demonstration program.
Surprise BillingNew York S01466/A00250Authorizes payments to nonparticipating or nonpreferred providers of ambulance services licensed under article 30 of the public health law.
Surprise BillingTexas SB 2476 CS An act relating to consumer protections against certain medical and health care billing by emergency medical services providers.
Essential ServiceTennessee SB 1597Declares EMS as an essential service in TN
Essential ServiceLouisiana R.S. 40Declares EMS as an Essential Services in LA
Essential ServiceNebraska Act 38Declares EMS as an Essential Services in NE
Essential ServiceHawaii Section 93-16Declares EMS as an Essential Services in HI
Essential ServiceWest Virginia Chapter 16, Article 4Declares EMS as an Essential Services in WV
Essential ServiceNevada Chapter 450BDeclares EMS as an Essential Services in NV
Essential ServiceIowa Chapter 357FDeclares EMS as an Essential Services in IA
Essential ServicePennsylvania Title 35, Chapter 81Declares EMS as an Essential Service in PA
WorkforceIndiana SB 232 - Exposure Risk DiseasesAdds any variant of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), including coronavirus disease (COVID-19), to the list of diseases considered an exposure risk disease for purposes of emergency and public safety employee death and disability presumed in the line of duty before Jan. 1, 2022.
Medicaid ReimbursementIndiana B 1454 - Nonemergency Ambulance Service and Physician OrderThe bill specifies that Medicaid may not deny payment for nonemergency advanced life support or basic life support ambulance services, when all policies and procedures have been followed, when rendered to a Medicaid recipient.
WorkforceNew Hampshire HB 224Governor signed into law legislation that expands the types of EMS and search and rescue providers who can receive $100,000 state benefit.
MIH-CPMontana MIH StatuteAllowing emergency care providers to offer non-emergency medical assistance in their communities to reduce noncritical calls to 911, especially in rural areas.
Violence Against EMS PractitionersVermont H.321Expands Vermont's aggravated murder statute to include the killing of a firefighter or an emergency medical provider.
WorkforceIdaho SB 1028; Signed by GovernorProvides first responders with "clear and convincing" evidence of physiological injury treatment under worker's compensation.
WorkforceMN HF3873Provides legal protections to first responders diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorders.
WorkforceFlorida SB376Provides access to treatment for PTSD
Unauthorized Use of EMS VehiclesTexas HB1249Relating to a prohibition of certain motor vehicles resembling emergency medical services vehicles; creating a criminal offense.
MIH-CPWisconsin AB 151An Act to amend, repeal and recreate statutes relating to community paramedics, community emergency medical technicians, community emergency medical services providers, and services provided by emergency medical technicians.
MIH-CPMassachusetts transformative healthcare InitiativeReport to Massachusetts legislature re: MIH-CP and funding.
Violence Against EMS PractitionersColorado SB15-067Increase in the class of offense for certain acts of assault against persons engaged in performing their duties as emergency responders