Advancing the EMS profession

Lighthouse Leadership Program

James O. Page, the founding father of modern EMS in the United States, had a vision to create a mentorship program for EMS practitioners to guide and support them in achieving their leadership goals.  He called it the “EMS Lighthouse Leadership Program.”  Although Jim passed away before he could implement the program, other leaders in EMS inspired by Jim’s vision have developed the framework for this new EMS mentorship program.

Each Lighthouse Leadership participant (mentee) will be matched with an EMS leader (mentor) who possesses the specific knowledge and experience to help the mentee map out a personal career plan, develop a strategy to achieve career goals, and provide support throughout an 18-month mentorship.  Mentees will participate in an orientation program followed by regularly scheduled virtual meetings with their mentor. The program will culminate in the mentee participating in a graduation event to be held in conjunction with EMS World Expo.