Advancing the EMS profession

Letters and Comments

The following communications have been issued by NAEMT in support of, or to comment on, pending or existing federal legislation or regulation. Click on the column header to sort the list.

Proposed LegislationLetter to Congressional leadersSupports funds for EMS workforce development.
EMS IssueNAEMT comment to GAPB CommitteeExpresses concern with the composition of the GAPB Advisory Committee and the failure to identify appointees who can represent the major aspects of the ground ambulance service industry.
Pending LegislationSIREN funding for rural EMSRequests robust appropriations to bolster rural EMS agencies and fire departments in delivering essential health care for rural America.
Pending LegislationFunding for the Emergency Medical Services for Children in (FY) 2024 appropriations bill.Requests $28.134 million in funding for the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
EMS IssueLetter to CAAS Standards CommitteeComment on the proposed revisions to the CAAS Standards as outlined in the draft 4.0 document.
Pending LegislationEMS-Fire Letter to Congressional leaders on 4% PAYGO Sequester CutImplores Congress to waive the statutory Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) rules and prevent the 4% additional cut to Medicare provider and supplier reimbursement.
Pending LegislationJoint letter to Congressional leadersRequests that the current Medicare add-ons be raised for ambulance services provided in certain areas for the next five years.
Pending LegislationJoint letter to U.S. Appropriations Committee leadersRequest the Labor-HHS-Education Conference Report include the Senate level of $15 million for Rural EMS Equipment and Training Assistance (REMSTEA) grants.
Pending LegislationLetter to Senate and House leadersRequest the Labor-HHS-Education Conference Report include the Senate level of $15 million for Rural EMS Equipment and Training Assistance (REMSTEA) grants.
EMS IssueJoint letter to Department of TransportationShares concerns regarding the crisis-level availability of ambulance chassis and its impact on the delivery of ambulances to all services nationwide.
EMS IssueNAEMT Comment to NREMT22-Resolution-13Supports state EMS offices selection of accreditation agency(s) for paramedic accreditation in their states; students graduating from regionally or nationally accredited paramedic program being allowed by NREMT to sit for the paramedic exam.
EMS FundingPublic Statement to NHTSAComment provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requesting funding and rulemaking in the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS).
EMS FundingJoint letter to Senate and House leadersRequest that Congress extend until the end of this year a moratorium on the 1% sequestration cut to Medicare providers and suppliers scheduled to take effect on July 1.
Pending LegislationWritten Testimony for the Record – FY2023 AppropriationsRequests $20 million for the SIREN Rural EMS Equipment and Training Assistance (REMSTEA) program.
Pending LegislationLetter to U.S. Senate and House leadersRequests Congress to bring the Post-Disaster Mental Health Response Act up for a vote.
EMS FundingJoint letter to Congress for FY23 EMSC AppropriationsRequest $28.134 million in funding for the EMS for Children program at the Health Resources and Services Administration in the FY2023 Labor, HHS, Education appropriations bill.
EMS FundingLetter to leaders of House and Senate Committee on AppropriationsTen EMS stakeholder organizations jointly recommend $20 million for the SIREN/REMSTEA program in FY 2023 in order to meet the critical need that exists in rural communities across the United States.
EMS FundingJoint letter to HHS Secretary BecerraUrgent request for $350 million from returned and/or unspent money from the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) to fund ground ambulance service organizations.
Pending LegislationLetter to U.S. House Reps. Demings and FletcherLetter of support for H.R. 6768, to reauthorize the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet).
Pending LegislationLetter to HHS-ASPR leadersNAEMT comment provided to the Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) on the National Health Security Strategy for 2023-2026.
Pending LegislationLetter to Committee on Appropriations leadersRequests the Committee to provide $20 million in funding for the SIREN Grant Program.
Pending LegislationHealthcare workforce shortage issuesStatement by Bruce Evans, NAEMT President, for Hearing on Recruiting, Revitalizing & Diversifying: Examining the Health Care Workforce Shortage
Pending LegislationJoint Letter to Congressional Leaders on PRF and SequestrationRequests additional funding for ground ambulance services and extension of the moratorium on the 2% Medicare sequestration cut on Medicare providers and suppliers.
EMS IssueNIOSH, CDC Request for Comment on Personal Protective Technologies Centers of ExcellenceComment on the need to establish Personal Protective Technology (PPT) Centers of Excellence to address research and practice gaps.
Pending LegislationLetter to Senate Appropriations Committee leadersRequests the Labor-HHS- Education Conference Report include the Senate level of $10 million for Siren Act grants.