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Don Lundy Receives McBride Award For Lifetime Achievement

Mar 11, 2014

NAEMT President Don Lundy, Charleston County EMS Chief, received the Warren McBride Award for Lifetime Achievement in EMS. The award was presented on March 8th at the South Carolina EMS Network Symposia in Myrtle Beach, where a crowd of approximately 400 EMS professionals congratulated Lundy with a standing ovation. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the improvement of EMS through a continuing long-term commitment to the citizens of South Carolina.

“I knew something was up when my brother arrived,” Lundy said (who was surprised when the announcement was made). “It is so humbling, knowing the people who have received this award before me, to be considered a part of that group of wonderful EMS leaders.” He credits everything he has done to the men and women who work the streets every day.

Lundy leads a team of 144 EMTs and Paramedics in one of the largest EMS systems in the State. Charleston County EMS responded to over 57,000 calls in 2013 and has received numerous awards for their innovation, most recently the 2010 National EMS Service of the year.

Lundy has continued to work on solutions and improvements at the local and national level to improve EMS service to the community. “Every change that’s made to make the system better is supported by a great management team, including my boss and our County Council,” Lundy said. “They really get the mission and that’s extremely important if we’re going to advance forward.” Lundy has been a Paramedic for 40 years, rising through the ranks of dispatcher, Paramedic, training officer and director. He was President of the South Carolina EMS Association, Chairman of the South Carolina EMS Advisory Council and was a member of the training committee. He is an instructor at the National Fire Academy’s EMS program and lectures internationally about EMS leadership issues.