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Personal Leadership, EMS Week, Veterans Awareness Top World Of EMS Podcast

May 09, 2014

The World of EMS host Chris Cebollero chats with NAEMT Board Member and MIH-CP Committee Chair Matt Zavadsky about the new Principles of Ethics and Personal Leadership (PEPL) course; NAEMT President Don Lundy about EMS Week; and Denver Health Paramedic Division Medical Director Chris Colwell about veteran awareness programs. Here are a few highlights from these discussions…

Principles of Ethics and Professional Leadership (PEPL)
The changing healthcare system is developing around patient outcomes and satisfaction. EMS practitioners have the clinical education… PEPL teaches practitioners what they need for every call… including the emotional and physical comfort of the patient, conflict resolution and how to be an ambassador for the profession. It makes you think about EMS ethics like you never have before… so you can make the EMS profession better than it has ever been.

EMS Week
EMS Week is a national celebration, but we should make it an everyday practice to thank everyone involved in EMS. All of us in EMS are developing what is going to be the history of our profession… and it’s an exciting time to be in it! We are in the discussions that count, at the meetings that matter, and embracing the concepts that will raise EMS to the next level. Our members were the idea for, and it is loaded with EMS resources.

Veteran Awareness
The training and skills acquired by our military medics outside this country are often not recognized for certifications and licenses upon their  return home. We need to provide a way for their training and skills to be accepted toward certification or licensure requirements in the U.S. We also need to search for opportunities to integrate veterans into our workforce. In short, we need to bring together military training with certifications for real jobs and opportunities.

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