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American Heart Association Updated Guidelines on Opioid-related Emergencies

Oct 22, 2020

American Heart Association Guidelines updated CPR guidelines tackle health disparities, management of opioid-related emergencies and physical, emotional recovery.

Guideline Highlights:

  • Updated CPR guidelines address health disparities and the management of opioid-related emergencies as well; early bystander and AED intervention remains key to survival.
  • The Chain of Survival has been expanded to include a recovery link, which emphasizes physical, social, and emotional needs of patients and their caregivers after survivors leave the hospital.
  • CPR training to now include guidance on responding to victims of suspected opioid overdose.
  • The guidelines offer suggestions on ways to increase the use of CPR by lay-rescuers, including the use of mobile technology to recruit trained lay persons to assist with CPR rescues.

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