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New Documentary: Into the Unknown – A Paramedic's Journey

Jan 14, 2023

Whatever Paramedics encounter on their calls, invariably those memories are taken home with them. As the saying goes “You can’t un-see what you’ve seen” How do you compartmentalize those thoughts? Where do you store those memories? This is what Paramedics face 24/7 – 365, and it takes a toll on them. They face personal injury, hazardous work environments, mental health issues, assaultive behavior, communicable diseases, and now a worldwide pandemic.

The film team rides along with a select few with diverse backgrounds and learn the answers to those questions. How does the pathos and poignancy they observe daily affect them? Can the chaos they experience elbow its way into the intimacy of their home life? The team experiences where they are, and what they do today… and imagine where they will be in the future. But most importantly, the team discovers what motivates these heroic men and women to risk it all and step out into the unknown.