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NAEMT Training Center Requirements and Application

The mission of NAEMT education is to improve patient care through high quality, cost effective, evidence-based education that strengthens and enhances the knowledge and skills of EMS practitioners. NAEMT seeks partnerships with EMS training centers which have the interest, expertise and capacity to establish and promulgate our education programs. Your organization can apply to become an NAEMT training center by completing the Training Center Application.

NAEMT is interested in working with reputable EMS training centers which:

  • Possess dedicated facilities used for training EMS, prehospital and/or other medical personnel (NAEMT does not approve mobile training centers),
  • Employ or contract experienced EMS faculty and a physician medical director,
  • Maintain affiliation with an emergency medical institution in their country, and 
  • Are committed to developing and sustaining a quality EMS training program at their center.

An NAEMT TRAINING CENTER is an organization (which may be public, private for-profit, or private non-profit) that provides initial and/or continuing education to EMS practitioners and other prehospital healthcare providers that has been approved to conduct NAEMT courses.

NAEMT Training center requirements:

  1. Facility Requirements:
    a. Classrooms must be safe for all faculty and participants.
    b. Classrooms used for all aspects of the course, including lectures, skills stations and scenarios, must be of adequate size relative to class size, with adequate lighting, acoustics, and air quality.
    c. Classrooms must have appropriate audio-visual equipment, training equipment and supplies as required to facilitate a successful NAEMT education course.
    d. All equipment must be in good working order.

  2. Personnel Requirements:
    Approved NAEMT training centers are required to have the following key personnel in place: 

    a. Training center representative - the individual employed or contracted by the training center who is authorized to sign the NAEMT Training Center Agreement and who is responsible for ensuring that the training center complies with all NAEMT training center requirements. May be the chief operating officer or president, or a designated representative of the organization. Responsible for the oversight of all NAEMT courses conducted by the training center. Serves as the day-to-day point of contact for all NAEMT course activity.

    b. Training center medical director - A physician licensed in the country and state/province in which the training center operates who practices emergency medicine or is board certified in a relevant specialty, and is employed or contracted by the training center to provide medical guidance to the center on its education activities. 

  3. Course Administration Requirements:
    a. Courses shall be conducted using only instructors approved by NAEMT for conducting those courses.
    b. Course sites shall be responsible for all course expenses, including course fees, honoraria, travel, lodging, meals and other faculty expenses associated with conducting a course.
    c. Course sites will identify a qualified Course Coordinator who is responsible for the on-site administration of NAEMT courses and for communicating with NAEMT to ensure that all required course information is submitted.
    d. Course sites shall be responsible for course administration, including course registration, student registration, registration confirmation, acquisition of textbooks and student materials.
    e. Course sites shall ensure that students receive course materials in a timely manner to ensure that students have adequate time to prepare for the course.
    f. Course sites shall ensure that the course materials are presented as outlined in the instructor resources.
    g. Course sites shall ensure that course pre and post tests are administered in a professional manner with appropriate supervision.
    h. Course sites will ensure complete, accurate and timely submission of participant information, post-course materials and fees to NAEMT within 30 days of course completion.
    j. Course sites will ensure that copies of all relative course paperwork from the course, including course evaluations, are kept on file for at least five years and made available to NAEMT upon request.

  4. Training Centers are required to conduct at least one (1) course within a two year period for each education program (PHTLS, AMLS, EPC, etc.) the Training Center is approved to teach in order to maintain approval to teach the respective course. Training centers must conduct at least one (1) NAEMT course every two years to maintain active status and be recognized as an approved NAEMT Training Center.

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