Advancing the EMS profession
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The AMLS Committee

The Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) Committee is responsible for developing the AMLS course materials for students and instructors, and providing advice and guidance to AMLS faculty. Read about the committee members below:

AMLS Committee

  • Cory S. Richter, BA, NRP, Chair

  • Vincent N. Mosesso, Jr., MD, FACEP, Medical Director

  • Jeffrey L. Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, FAEMS, FACEP, Assoc. Medical Director

  • R. Zachary Louderback, MD, Assoc. Medical Director

  • Douglas F. Kupas, MD, EMT-P, FAEMS, FACEP, Medical Editor

  • Jon R. Krohmer, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, Assoc. Medical Editor

  • Anne Austin Ellerbee, AAS, NRP

  • Bengt Eriksson, MD

  • Michael Kaduce, NRP, MPS

  • Kelly Kohler, MS, Paramedic, CCP-C, CHSE, NCEE

  • James Li, MD, NAEMSP Liaison

  • Jeff J. Messerole, EMT-P

  • Alex Protzman, Paramedic