Advancing the EMS profession
EVOS 300x300

The following courses are available to address the needs of providers and instructors:

Provider Course: Appropriate for EMS practitioners at all levels, this course can be offered as:

  • 8-hour classroom course; or

  • 16-hour course with 8 hours of classroom content and 8 hours of hands-on driving instruction.

Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate  of completion, a wallet card recognizing them as an EVOS provider for 4 years, and either 8 or 16 hours of CAPCE credit. 

Online Instructor Transition Course: For current instructors of the following national driving courses - CEVO II, CEVO 3, VFIS EVDT, or NHTSA EVOC. One-hour online course explains the components of the EVOS course and teaches instructors how to host an engaging learning experience for the participants. Upon completion of the course, instructors receive an EVOS instructor card. No monitoring is required. Instructors of local driving courses may also be eligible to transition to EVOS. 

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Students interested in taking this course can view Locate a Course for upcoming courses in your area, or contact an authorized training center in your area.