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Congratulations to Recent Scholarship Winners

Dec 15, 2008

Four Selected to Receive Educational Funding

NAEMT has announced the most recent educational scholarship winners. They are:

Emilio Del Busto, EMT-Basic to EMT-Paramedic, $5,000

Brandon Scott Perry, EMT-Basic to EMT-Paramedic, $5,000

Dion A. Stumpo, EMT-Basic to EMT-Paramedic, $5,000

Paul D. Cissel, Paramedic EMS Education Advancement, $2,000

Del Busto, who works as an EMT-B at New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, N.Y., says he decided to enter the field of emergency medical services after September 11, 2001. “Since I was a child, I have admired the work of those men and women who provide such vital services to the people in their communities,” he says. “Each day, I see more clearly how essential advanced training is to saving the lives of the people we serve. … I consider it the greatest privilege to be able to improve my skills in order to help the people of New York City."

“Since high school graduation, the one thing on my mind has been to reach my personal milestone of becoming a Nationally Registered Paramedic,” says Perry, an EMT-B with Protransport-1 in Cotati, Calif. “I pride myself on doing my job and serving the citizens in the community. I have persevered through many obstacles in my life to even get where I am today. To receive a scholarship from NAEMT is nothing short of miraculous.”

Stumpo, who works as an EMT Specialist, Intermediate, with White Lake Ambulance Authority, Whitehall, Mich., says the scholarship helps him in several ways, countering recent tuition hikes, lifting the financial burden of paying for classes himself and from his grandparents, who are helping support his goal of becoming a paramedic. “This is a motivational boost for me, knowing I am being funded by a professional organization such as NAEMT.”

“I would like to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of EMS providers,” says Cissel, Paramedic Lieutenant for Prince George’s County Fire Department, Landover Hills, Md. “It is only fair that I return the time and effort of those who helped me. This scholarship helps me to continue to strive to meet my goals.”

NAEMT scholarships, which are provided to help advance the education of EMS practitioners, are available each year for the following categories:

First Responders (To become EMT-Basic) — Four scholarships for $500 each

EMT-Basic (To become EMT-Paramedic) — Three scholarships for $5,000 each

Paramedics (To advance their education in the realm of EMS) — Four scholarships for $2,000 each