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About EMS

EMS is a vital component of healthcare, public health and public safety. On any given day, in almost every community in our nation, EMS responds to patient calls for help, 24/7. Yet few understand exactly what medical services EMS provides, how EMS fits into the wider healthcare system, or how EMS is staffed, funded and delivered. The following information provides an overview of EMS and how it functions throughout the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions About EMS

  • What is EMS?

  • What is an EMS system?

  • Who provides EMS?

  • What is a tiered EMS system?

  • How can I get a job in EMS?

  • Where can I obtain training in EMS?

  • How long is training?

  • What does an EMT learn?

  • What skills does an EMT perform?

  • What skills does a paramedic perform?

  • Do EMTs and paramedics need a license?

  • How much do EMTs and paramedics earn?

What Is EMS? provides an introduction to EMS and is designed to help our communities, elected officials, and stakeholders better understand our profession. Please share it in your community.
National EMS Museum
The National EMS Museum is dedicated to preserving and commemorating the history of the EMS in the United States.