Advancing the EMS profession
NAEMT actively works to advance the EMS profession through initiatives that target critical issues impacting the ability of EMS to provide quality patient care.  NAEMT initiatives may include:

  • Conducting studies on EMS issues and publishing the results of these studies;
  • Increasing awareness within the EMS profession, the greater healthcare profession, the public at-large, and/or government leaders about EMS issues;
  • Developing information resources and tools to assist EMS practitioners and agencies in addressing these issues; and
  • Developing education and training on these issues for practitioners and agencies.
Infographic for EMS Stakeholders. An infographic to help payers and other EMS stakeholders learn how EMS can help transform our nation's healthcare system.
2016 National Survey on EMS Mental Health Services reports on the services EMS agencies provide to practitioners to help them cope with the stress of the job, maintain mental health, and seek help when they need it.