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Become an NAEMT Instructor

NAEMT education programs are conducted through a network of approved EMS training centers. NAEMT works with reputable EMS training centers which possess appropriate training facilities and experienced EMS faculty, maintain affiliation with an emergency medical institution, have a qualified medical director to provide medical oversight and guidance, and are committed to developing and sustaining a quality EMS training program at their center. 

All approved NAEMT training centers are required to use approved NAEMT instructors to conduct NAEMT courses. NAEMT has specific requirements to become an approved instructor, as outlined below. To obtain approval, all of these requirements must be met.

  1. Successfully complete the NAEMT provider course for the program for which you wish to serve as an instructor.

  2. In the United States, be licensed as an EMT or Paramedic. Instructors may not teach content or skills they are not credentialed to perform.


    a. Some NAEMT courses, such as AMLS, require Paramedic level licensure.

    b. For the U.S. military, must be currently certified by NREMT at the EMT, AEMT or Paramedic level or hold a military medic instructor credential issued by one of the U.S. Armed Services.

    c. In other countries, instructors must meet the commensurate certification and licensure requirements.

    d. Physicians, physician assistants, and nurses with commensurate prehospital trauma experience may qualify for instructor status, provided they complete all of the requirements to become an NAEMT instructor.

  3. Be associated with at least one approved NAEMT training center, either as a current member of their faculty, or as an instructor candidate. 

  4. New NAEMT Instructors must complete the NAEMT Instructor Application.

  5. Take and pass the NAEMT Instructor Preparation course (offered in English and Spanish online, and in other languages as a classroom course).  Note:  This course is only required to be taken one time. 

  6. Meet any other instructor requirements determined by your NAEMT training center.

  7. Be monitored by an NAEMT Affiliate Faculty at your NAEMT training center as you teach your initial classroom provider course. Refresher and hybrid courses do not qualify for monitoring. Affiliate Faculty must submit Instructor Monitoring form to NAEMT indicating approval.

  8. Upon receipt of Instructor Monitoring Form with approval from Affiliate Faculty, you will be designated by NAEMT as an approved NAEMT instructor for the specific NAEMT education program and an Instructor card will be issued.  

  9. Maintain your approved instructor status by teaching at least one course per year, attending all instructor updates, as required

  10. Maintain current contact information with NAEMT Headquarters by emailing new information to

View instructor requirement exceptions for specific NAEMT programs here.