Advancing the EMS profession


Advocacy has been part of NAEMT’s core mission since our establishment in 1975.  NAEMT has actively pursued this mission to ensure that the EMS perspective is understood and incorporated into federal government laws, regulations, and budgets.  Through the tremendous efforts of NAEMT member advocates, much progress has been made in educating congressional leaders and federal agencies on the key issues that impact the ability of EMS to provide quality care to our patients. 

To support these efforts, the NAEMT Board of Directors has established the NAEMT EMS Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is a separate segregated fund comprised of voluntary contributions. NAEMT members and their families and other individuals may contribute, however, NAEMT is prohibited from soliciting contributions from anyone other than NAEMT members. NAEMT will use the funds to make contributions to candidates for federal elective office. The PAC will help EMS elect or re-elect federal candidates who are friends of the EMS profession and the patients we serve.

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