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EMS Webinars & Podcasts

NAEMT is pleased to offer FREE CE webinars to its members. In addition, recordings of these educational webinars are available to NAEMT members in the Member Portal.

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Past webinars include:

  • Pediatric Medical Emergencies – Assessing the Critically Ill Child, sponsored by ReelDx
  • Building a Financial Framework for Your Telehealth Program, sponsored by Amazon Business and ZOLL Data Systems
  • Enhancing Patient Care Through Telehealth, sponsored by ZOLL Data Systems
  • Achieving Mental Health Resilience – a Roadmap for Practitioners and Agencies, sponsored by FirstNet, Built with AT&T
  • How To Increase EMS Medicaid Reimbursements, sponsored by Public Consulting Group
  • Prehospital Stroke Management: What To Do and Where To Go, sponsored by Genentech
  • How to Increase EMS Medicaid Reimbursements, sponsored by Public Consulting Group
  • Understand Your Ground Ambulance Costs—how to prepare for cost collection, sponsored by Public Consulting Group
  • Catch the Big Grant: SIREN/SAMHSA Grant Application Training
  • Prehospital 12-lead ECG Interpretation: Essentially Speaking..., sponsored by Wheeled Coach
  • Decoding the Abdominal Black Box: Differential Diagnosis and Management of Abdominal Complaints, sponsored by Loperamide Safety
  • Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for EMS, sponsored by FirstNet, built with AT&T
  • In The Loop: How EMS Can Enhance Care Through Real-time Cross Organization Collaboration, sponsored by Dr. First
  • Assessing and Treating Child Maltreatment in the Prehospital Environment, sponsored by iSimulate
  • Verified Resuscitation Competency: THE Quality Improvement Model, sponsored by RQI
  • Pharmacology Challenges in the Prehospital Setting, sponsored by iSimulate
  • Recognizing and Treating Shock in the Prehospital Setting, sponsored by Ninth Brain
  • Making it Reel in the Virtual EMS Classroom, sponsored by ReelDx
  • Crew Resource Management in Crisis Response – The Perception of Risk, sponsored by Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI)
  • Best Practices in EMS Triage and Transport Destinations – During and After the Pandemic, sponsored by FirstNet
  • COVID-19 and Safe Operations: What You Should Know, sponsored by Life-Assist, ESO, and McKesson
  • How To Apply For Federal Relief Funds, sponsored by Change Healthcare
  • EMS Education:Going Virtual, sponsored by Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety through the COVID-19 Pandemic, sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Braun.
  • EMS Finance—The Financial Anatomy of a Call, sponsored by ZOLL
  • Learn to use Code A0998 to receive payment for Community Paramedicine Services, sponsored by Anthem
  • EMS Finance—Follow The Money, sponsored by ZOLL
  • Get Ahead of Stroke, supported by an educational grant from Medtronic
  • Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3), sponsored by ESO and FirstWatch
  • Get Ahead of Stroke, supported by an educational grant from Medtronic