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Advocates for EMS Releases June 2009 Report

Jul 02, 2009

NAEMT is one of four main coalition partners of Advocates for EMS (AEMS), which advocates on issues affecting EMS practitioners. AEMS just published its June report on recent activities, which included:
  • Working with other medical associations and organizations to incorporating key language in the Improving Emergency Care and Response Act (S. 1873 and H.R. 3173 from the 110th Congress) and renewing the Trauma Systems Planning and Development Act.
  • Supporting emergency care regionalization pilot projects aimed at designing, implementing, and evaluating a regionalized, accountable emergency care system. Within a defined region, these systems would be designed to coordinate public health, safety and emergency services, facilitate access to the emergency 911 medical system and more.
  • Advocating for funding for training and equipment for disaster preparedness, including essential personal protection equipment.
  • Fighting to extend federal death benefits under the Public Safety Officer Benefit Program (PSOB) to those ground and air EMS personnel who are employed by non-governmental entities.

For more information, please see the full report on our News from Washington page.