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Join NAEMT Groups on EMS Social Networking Sites

Aug 18, 2009

Did you know... there are social networking sites targeted to EMS professionals only that feature groups of NAEMT members on them?

EMS United, launched by EMS EXPO in December 2008, was the first social networking site devoted to EMS professionals. The site allows users to connect to EMS professionals all over the world 24/7/365.
Go to the site at and join the NAEMT group.'s is the fastest growing EMS social networking site, officially launching in January 2009. This online community is a conduit through which EMS practitioners all over the nation and world can connect, share ideas and network with others. Users can start a group devoted to their specific areas of passion, or join in on any discussions of interest. Visit to join the NAEMT group.

JEMS Connect is another site that features a NAEMT group. Go to any of these sites, sign up, and join their NAEMT member groups today!