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New NAEMT EMS Safety Course to Debut March 1

Feb 08, 2011

NAEMT's new EMS Safety course will debut at EMS Today, in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 1. The one-day course will be held from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and will be taught by the NAEMT EMS Safety Program Committee faculty.

NAEMT has introduced the new course to help promote a culture of EMS safety and to help reduce the number and intensity of injuries incurred by EMS practitioners in carrying out their work. The course aims to increase students’ awareness and understanding of EMS safety standards and practices and develop their ability to effectively implement these practices when on duty. This course is designed for all EMS practitioners, other medical professionals providing prehospital patient care, EMS supervisors and administrators. The curriculum covers safety in emergency vehicles, at the operational scene and while handling patients, as well as patient, practitioner and bystander safety and personal health. A course manual is provided to students. Like other NAEMT continuing education courses, EMS Safety is CECBEMS accredited and meets NREMT recertification requirements.

Glenn Luedtke, Chair of the EMS Safety Course Committee, says, “We’ve created a program that not only presents the latest and most comprehensive information on EMS safety, but is constructed so that students can take the information and use it their first day back on the ambulance to improve their safety and that of their co-workers.” He added, “In the long run, what we hope the course will be is the vital first step in creating a new ‘Culture of Safety’ within our profession to keep our patients safe and help ensure that our EMS practitioners return home safely after each shift.”

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