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Board Establishes New System for Supporting Federal Legislation

Jul 18, 2011

The NAEMT Board of Directors has adopted a new system for designating and implementing NAEMT’s level of support for pending federal legislation or regulation that affects and/or relates to emergency medical services.

The system provides for six levels of support: actively support, actively support with qualifications, support, watch, oppose, and actively oppose. Each level has designated actions that will be undertaken by NAEMT to advocate for or against passage of the legislation.

The Board has charged the Advocacy Committee with monitoring all pending EMS legislation and regulation and recommending to the Board levels of support and appropriate action to be taken by NAEMT. Read the full policy here.

At any time, you can see NAEMT's stance on current EMS bills and issues, as well as where your congressional representatives stand on them, by visiting the current bills section of our Capwiz page.