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NAEMT Releases New Position Statement on Lead Federal Agency for EMS

Aug 12, 2011

In a new position statement approved by the NAEMT Board of Directors and published today, NAEMT supports the establishment of a lead agency or administration within a cabinet-level department to lead EMS efforts at the federal level, including development and implementation of a national EMS framework and coordination of all EMS programs and activities undertaken throughout the federal government.

NAEMT believes that, as the core function of EMS is the provision of medical care to patients outside of the hospital, this lead agency should be located within the Department of Health and Human Services.

The statement notes that the delivery of EMS is a local function that should and must be managed locally, at the municipal, county, and regional levels. Those who are responsible for the delivery of these services look to our federal government to provide broad leadership and support to the efforts of all EMS systems and practitioners, identify and document best practices in the clinical and operational realms, and remove impediments to quality and progress. The statement also includes a list of responsibilities for which the lead federal agency for EMS should be responsible.

“The designation of a lead agency for emergency medical services is a giant step towards implementation of a national framework and enhanced coordination of all EMS at the local, state and national level,” says James Judge, chair of NAEMT's Advocacy Committee. “As the leader in advocating for EMS at the national level, NAEMT felt it important to take a stand on this issue.”

Through publication of position statements, the NAEMT Board of Directors takes a stand on issues of importance to the EMS profession. View the full position statement and other published positions here.