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Changes in Industry Mean Changes in Education - Check Out NAEMT Online Courses

Oct 20, 2011

Changes in funding for EMS services mean changes in EMS continuing education. Not only has the EMS industry changed in the way that we deliver patient care in past decade, the way that we deliver EMS practitioner education has changed as well. EMS practitioner education delivery models have revolutionized, partially driven by reduced personnel and the reduced cost of education, but primarily driven by massive shortfalls and budget cuts in the public sector of the nation's EMS industry. 

NAEMT constantly strives to find ways not only to reduce the cost in delivery of EMS education, but also to maintain the quality of education that students have come to expect from NAEMT. The undertaking of such a delivery model change is neither cheap nor easy - NAEMT invests a large amount of funds and volunteer and staff hours to bring students the best educational opportunities available on the market today while maintaining very reasonable prices. We are proud to say that NAEMT has succeeded in that endeavor, developing a variety of delivery models so students and agencies can continue to receive quality EMS continuing education programs.

This year, NAEMT has launched our EMS education programs online - and currently is able to deliver via any computer that has Internet access: Emergency Pediatric Care Hybrid Course and Prehospital Trauma Life Support Online or Hybrid Course. In early 2012, we will be able to deliver the Advanced Medical Life Support Hybrid Course.

The delivery of education via the Internet results in major cost savings to all sectors of the industry. With the traditional delivery format, agencies often needed to pay staff overtime to sit through the course, as well as paying instructors to teach the course. With the modified delivery models, agencies can reduce their traditional two-day program to an on-shift materials lecture via the Internet followed by one day of clinical skills review and testing. This model reduces the agency costs of delivery by nearly half in staff and instructor overhead.

If your department is struggling with the cost of delivering EMS education, we invite you to contact NAEMT to discuss the options we have available at or 1-800-346-2368.