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EMS Safety Course Receives Leadership Award from EMS Safety Foundation

Feb 01, 2012

NAEMT's EMS Safety course has received the 2011 EMS Safety Foundation Leadership Award - marking the first time the award has been presented to a program rather than an individual. The award was presented on January 23 to Glenn Luedtke, Chair of NAEMT EMS Safety Program Committee, on behalf of the course at a meeting in Washington D.C., of the Transportation Research Board’s EMS Safety Subcommittee.

Luedtke also was the recipient of the Foundation’s 2010 Objective Safety Award for Innovative EMS Practice. It recently was announced that he has been appointed to the EMS Safety Foundation’s Advisory Board.

The Foundation is headed by Nadine Levick, M.D., who has been very supportive of the EMS Safety course since its inception. Each year, the EMS Safety Foundation presents awards for Leadership, Commitment to EMS Safety, Technical Expert Award, Industry Partner Award and the Objective Safety Award for Innovative EMS Safety Practice.

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