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Invite Your Members of Congress to Your EMS Week Events

Apr 08, 2013

National EMS Week is scheduled for May 19-25, 2013. NAEMT has made it easy to invite your legislators to attend EMS Week events. Simply add your information to these templates (Senate or Representative) and send them out to your Congressional leaders. Advocating for EMS is essential to ensuring that our elected government officials and their staff understand the key issues that impact the ability of EMS agencies to effectively provide emergency care to their communities.

To find the mailing addresses of your members of Congress use the Capwiz Online Legislative Services via the NAEMT web site under Advocacy. When on CAPWIZ, click on Elected Officials then provide your zip code to obtain all your members of Congress. Click on each members' profile and then the contact tab to obtain their mailing addresses. Send a letter to their DC office but feel free to send a letter to their district office, closest to your hometown, too.