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CDC Releases Blast Injury Mobile App on iTunes

Jul 03, 2014

In an instant, explosions such as bombings and blasts can cause chaos and produce many life-threatening injuries and fatalities. Prehospital and hospital healthcare providers play critical roles in assessing and treating injuries immediately after mass casualty explosive events. Public health professionals must expect challenges in caring for the surge of victims after a terrorist bombing. This application is designed to help healthcare providers and public health professionals treat injuries, prepare for blast events, and save lives.

Professionals can use this app to access critical guidance during an emergency, even if communication networks are down.

Content for prehospital and hospital healthcare providers:
  • Essential information for understanding explosions
  • Information about the clinical management of blast injuries
  • Special populations treatment considerations (e.g., women who are pregnant, children)
  • Emergency management solutions
  • Personal safety information
  • On-the-scene emergency response guidance
Content for public health professionals:
  • Essential information for understanding explosions
  • Emergency management solutions
  • Medical surge capacity guidance including information on facilitating health systems emergency communication
Download this application for easy access to CDC’s blast injury information.