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NAEMT Releases 2012 Annual Report

Apr 09, 2013

NAEMT has published its 2012 annual report and encourages all members to read it here


The core strength of our association has always been and will continue to be our members. With this in mind, the theme of our annual report is "Our Members Make Us Strong." Members working on behalf of EMS and our association contributed to a very successful year for NAEMT in 2012. We encourage you to read about all of our accomplishments contained in the report. These accomplishments and our ongoing success are not possible without the dedicated efforts of our members.


Many of the projects that we undertook were designed to advance our EMS profession, while others were undertaken to support our members. The development of Recommended EMS Fitness Guidelines is a project we worked on for the benefit of our members. The goal of this project is to reduce injuries from patient movement, improve EMS practitioner health and create a safer work environment. The guidelines, developed in collaboration with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) are designed to improve job-related physical capacity, improve overall wellness and create self-reliance.

Learn more and view the recommended EMS fitness guidelines here.

We hope you enjoy reading our 2012 annual report and we welcome your comments at