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NAEMT Celebrates 40 Years of Advancing The EMS Profession

Sep 09, 2015

[NAEMT released the following press release on Sept. 9.]

NAEMT 40th Anniversary

On Sept. 16, hundreds of NAEMT members and faculty, joined by leaders from other EMS organizations and federal agencies, will assemble in Las Vegas to celebrate NAEMT’s 40 years of advancing the EMS profession. The celebration will take place during the NAEMT General Membership Meeting, the largest member gathering of the NAEMT Annual Meeting, Sept. 15-17.

The 40th anniversary commemoration will feature a momentous progression of NAEMT achievements, as well as grateful remembrance of the influential marks left by those memorialized in our history. Several former presidents will join NAEMT’s President, Conrad “Chuck” Kearns and President-elect Dennis Rowe in presenting the historic milestones of NAEMT, from its modest beginning in 1975 to today being recognized as a national leader, dedicated to serving and advancing the interests of EMS practitioners.

“The unique diversity of our membership, vision of our predecessors, and commitment of our volunteers, leaders and collaborators built our strong foundation, and helped guide the tremendous progress that benefits all EMS professionals,” said Kearns. “To look back at the accomplishments made within just 40 years gives great promise for what can be done in the years to come. I am honored to share our celebration with so many past presidents, and on behalf of all others, who contributed so generously to the strengthening of our association.”

The formation of NAEMT provided a national presence for our nation’s EMS practitioners, and soon led to international recognition for the series of EMS education programs that followed. Since 1984, we pay homage to our persevering NAEMT founder, Rocco V. Morando, by presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award bearing his name to a worthy recipient. Also this year, we give a lasting tribute to Dr. Norman E. McSwain, founder of the NAEMT Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) program, following his death in July. Dr. McSwain worked tirelessly to bring the highest quality education to both civilian and military EMS practitioners and will forever be known as the father of NAEMT Education.

The NAEMT Annual Meeting is scheduled each year to appreciate the contributions of our members, discuss new initiatives of the association, and recognize excellence in the EMS profession with national awards presentations. It is held in conjunction with North America’s largest trade show, EMS World Expo, Sept. 17-19.