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NAEMT Board Adopts Position on EMS in Preparedness Planning

Oct 24, 2015

On Oct. 9, the NAEMT Board issued a Position Statement calling for the following provisions for EMS in order to eliminate current gaps in our nation's emergency response network:
  • Inclusion and integration as a primary partner in all aspects of preparedness planning.
  • Equitable and stable funding comparable to other partners within the emergency response network.
  • Resources and training opportunities that are accessible to all EMS providers and EMS organizations.
NAEMT's position reinforces its belief that EMS has a vital role in the response to all threats to our nation, and is a critical element in every facet of preparedness planning. EMS practitioners also serve as an invaluable source of support to the public and an effective resource for building strong community resilience. View NAEMT's growing list of EMS preparedness resources.