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Honor a Transitioning Military Medic This Veteran's Day... and All Future Veteran Military Medics

Nov 11, 2015

Honor our Military Medic Veterans

Every Veterans Day, we celebrate those who made the sacrifice to place country over self, and in duty kept this great country that we love and cherish free. We always ponder how we can do more for our veterans, more than just recognizing the day.

On this Veterans Day you have the opportunity to honor our veteran military medics by easing their transition into the civilian workforce.
Honor Veteran Military Medics

The military, without doubt, produces some highly trained medics. With all of their training and experience, one would think that transitioning from a military medic to a civilian paramedic would be an easy endeavor. However, too often it is a challenging and arduous process that forces the military medic to start at "square one" and complete much of the same education and training that he or she has previously completed.

U.S. House Representatives Adam Kinzinger from Illinois and Lois Capps from California, along with Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, introduced legislation in their respective legislative bodies to address the insufficiencies when military medics transition to the civilian EMS workforce. The Veteran EMT Support Act of 2015 (S. 453/H.R. 1818) will help military medics transition effectively and efficiently into vacant civilian EMT and Paramedic positions upon completion of military service, and reduce unemployment among veterans.

Take just two minutes this Veteran's Day to send a template letter to your members of Congress asking them to co-sponsor S. 453 and H.R. 1818. Let's flood their inboxes to show our support for transitioning military medics and get Congress to take action! Every veteran and transitioning military medic will be grateful and appreciative of your support in honoring their service.

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