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Paramedic Association of Canada and NAEMT Form Strategic Alliance To Promote Quality EMS Education

Dec 01, 2015

NAEMT and the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) recently finalized an agreement in which both organizations will work collaboratively to provide high-quality continuing education to EMTs and Paramedics in Canada. 

PAC creates and publishes Canada’s National Occupational Competencies for Paramedics, the standards that are used by all EMT and Paramedic training programs in Canada. PAC is recognized throughout Canada as the leading expert in classifying the tasks performed by EMTs and Paramedics, and in identifying the knowledge and skills these EMS professionals require to provide high-quality patient care.

“PAC looks forward to furthering collaborations with NAEMT,” said Chris Hood, president of PAC. “It is the mission of both of our associations to help provide EMTs and Paramedics in Canada with greater access to quality education which, in turn, contributes to their ability to better serve the public’s health needs.”

NAEMT is the global leader in EMS continuing education, offering the following continuing education courses in the United States and in 60 other countries:

NAEMT and PAC will work together to increase awareness about the quality and value of NAEMT continuing education courses among provincial leaders with jurisdiction over EMS, and within EMS agencies. The two associations will also work with EMS training centers to bring NAEMT courses to their students.

"High-quality, evidence-based EMS education has been a defining pillar of NAEMT as an association, and is the mantra of the authors who create our courses,” said NAEMT President Conrad “Chuck” Kearns. "We look forward to working with PAC to ensure that every EMS practitioner in Canada has access to the same high standards of EMS education that are preferred around the globe.”