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New! NAEMT Grassroots Advocacy Guide for ALL EMS Professionals - Download Yours Today!

Feb 17, 2016

NAEMT is pleased to announce the new NAEMT Grassroots Advocacy Guide to help EMS professionals advocate for the EMS profession and the patients we serve.
Why is advocacy so important? Because very few elected officials and other decision-makers understand the importance of a well-trained, well-prepared and well-resourced EMS agency!
This guide steps through the basics of advocacy - offering strategies, tips and techniques to influence the decisions that impact our ability to provide quality care.
The guide includes:
  • Ideas and resources for cultivating media coverage.
  • Strategies for building support for EMS innovations such as Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP).
  • Techniques for engaging your EMS colleagues, stakeholders and lawmakers.
EMS professionals are encouraged to use this guide to advocate for EMS in their local community, within their state, and with our federal legislators. This resource is for everyone in EMS and should be shared.
Download the NAEMT Grassroots Advocacy Guide >>