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Senate Committee Hears Annual Testimony on Worldwide Threats

Apr 05, 2016

The Director of National Intelligence presents the Worldwide Threat Assessment annually to Congress, and before that office was created, it was presented by the CIA Director in his position as the Director of National Intelligence. In recent testimony, DNI James Clapper deemed cyber threats as the top global threat facing the United States, stating that the “innovation and increased reliance on information technology in the next few years on both our society’s way of life in general and how we in the Intelligence Community specifically perform our mission will probably be far greater in scope and impact than ever.” The threat assessment testimony is one of the most informative top-level products of the US Intelligence Community that is publicly available, but because it is only available as the text of the testimony, a multi-media production of the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School has been developed to make the information more widely available. The topics covered included:
• Cyber and Technology
• Terrorism
• Weapons of Mass Destruction and Proliferation
• Space and Counterspace
• Counterintelligence
• Transnational Organized Crime
• Economics and Natural Resources
• Human Security (health, environment, etc.)
• Regional Threats
Interested persons can also Read the testimony | Watch the full hearing.