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TIM Network Offers Excellent New Resource for Emergency Responders

Apr 05, 2016

Over the past three decades: fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies have recognized the need to provide support to personnel impacted by traumatic events. These efforts have featured as a central focus with the use of peer support personnel to provide the initial response and support. The models used have evolved and changed in order to reflect current best practice and evidence-informed approaches. However, response to transportation incidents involves more than public safety personnel and support programs have not been widely recognized as necessary or implemented. A new resource from the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Network, Annex: Supporting Responders to Effectively Deal with Atypical Stressful Events, seeks to help fill this gap and ensure that the national TIM program addresses this vital topic by providing a succinct, relevant resource that outlines key information about dealing with potentially traumatic events including those involving transportation incidents. It is a “must read” for every EMS agency manager and practitioner. Read more here.